23rd July 2014


i am horrified by certain things, and i am the horror in other things

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17th July 2014

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Anonymous said: You went to the beach alone? Do you feel weird going out and doing things by yourself?


This is a silly question.

If course I don’t feel weird. I love doing things and adventuring by myself.. I think time spent alone is always time spent wisely.

23rd June 2014


I hear a lot these days about how entitled white men feel. And this discussion is usually along the lines of being being entitled to women’s bodies. I guess I fit that demographic. I guess I see it in myself. I’ve felt entitled to happiness for a long time, and I’ve fallen into the traps of believing that it can be provided by wishing hard enough, by wanting hard enough. And I’m having trouble articulating my thoughts because I don’t want to be late to the occasion of trading nine hours of my life in for a few dollars.

I looked into the mirror at 5 am and finally really felt like I look my age. So why aren’t I certain way, why don’t I have certain things, why aren’t I happy?
Happiness is simplicity but it’s taken away from us at birth and we’re taught we have to play the game to get it back. And at the same time we feel like it’s destined to come back. Like we’re entitled to it. But once we start believing the lie, it becomes a fight. And I don’t understand, why isn’t it here now?
I think I’m a cautionary tale created to scare kids in an alternate dimension into either fitting into the roles society picked for them or for shooting for their dreams. Either one.
But I have to go.

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17th June 2014

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27th May 2014

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23rd May 2014


Everyone at Safeway is scared and confused at all times. It’s like animals in the forest.

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22nd May 2014

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Anonymous said: Chippy, you're a little pudgy you need to lose like 10 pounds



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4th May 2014

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chippynonstop: 🏆⛳️⛳️⛳️🏆

chippynonstop: 🏆⛳️⛳️⛳️🏆

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1st May 2014

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1st May 2014

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Anonymous said: Chippy how does it feel to be a big girl ? And not have a thigh gap ?




23rd April 2014

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22nd April 2014

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publicabduction: Just wearing my own clothes in the dressing room

publicabduction: Just wearing my own clothes in the dressing room

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22nd April 2014


Because I am made of eggshells

I like art that seems to take place outside of time, or my timeline. A time in which everyone is long dead or eternally alive. Post apocalyptic. Computer simulations. Strange calendars. Gregorian chant. I want relief from the anxiety that comes with being nervous from being born years ago and dying, ideally, years from now. Reprieve from the deaths that sprinkle my own inevitable path. Intimacy that transcends time, intimacy that I can’t feel.

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19th April 2014




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19th April 2014

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I have been watching my life… it’s right there… I keep scratching at it, trying to get into it.

Mad Men Season 2 Episode 12

The Mountain King

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